Fintech Access Guide Version 2.0

A guide developed by Fintech Saudi to support entrepreneurs navigate the fintech industry in Saudi. In addition to everything from Version 1.1, Version 2.0 provides a more detailed overview of the regulatory environment and a more detailed framework for local entrepreneurs that want to launch a fintech idea.

  • Bilingual
  • Jul,2020
  • Guide
  • All Levels

Fintech Saudi Podcast

Arabic podcast discussing everything related to fintech in Saudi Arabia

Fintech Cheatsheets

A series of Fintech Cheat Sheets providing an introduction to fintech trends in different areas of financial services.

  • Bilingual
  • Feb,2020
  • Report
  • Getting Started

World FinTech Report 2019

An overview of the current state of fintech in banking and an assessment of the future state

  • English
  • Jul,2020
  • Report
  • Intermediate

MENA Financial Inclusion Report 2020

The intention behind the MENA Financial Inclusion Report 2020 is to raise awareness on the state of financial inclusion, the current state of play both globally and regionally, and finally highlight the necessary steps that need to be adopted to promote further inclusivity.

InsTech London

Weekly interviews hosted by Matthew Grant covering various topics and insights on insurance, technology, data and investment.